Chiropractician Near Plaza del Ayuntamiento - Valencia, Spain

2개월 전

This a bit of a different kind of video for our channel. But it has its reason, believe me.

I've been going to this chiropractor for a while now and became friends with Franck and Fio who run it. In the past I've done some photo work for them and I wanted to give back to those two, since they've been extremely nice and generous to me.

One day I had the idea for a concept of a video and I asked them if they would be interested. My idea was to do a walking video starting out at Valencia's main square - the plaza del Ayuntamiento and taking the viewer to the doorsteps of their clinic. Then getting welcomed by the entire team, showing the space. So new clients know exactly where the clinic is and they get sense of the space and of team running it.

If you're in need of a chiropractic, I can highly recommend them - they made my life so much more livable ever since I started going:

Quiropráctica Delassus:

(They speak Spanish, English and French)

Also, if you're interested in a similar video like this for your business / restaurant or store - please get in touch with me.

This video was recorded with this camera:

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