A Look Inside #50: Extra Large Tall

2년 전

Today I could be talking about something that someone things is very important. Maybe I could talk about religion, climate change, or even the perfect toppings for a sandwich.....That's not what I am talk about today. I am talking about being Extra Large Tall.

Yesterday Stacie D (@freedomtowrite) and I were out running some errands, and we were met with some modern day fashion. Now, since we were born in the eighties and raised in the nineties we have seen some things. It seems like those "things" are making a come back.

We saw a couple of ladies walking out of a store and they were wearing shirts that were short and up to their belly buttons. It needs to be said that it was only 40 degrees F yesterday haha, but that wasn't stopping them. Not to mention Good For Them...it is 2020...how many people can actually wear a mid drift shirt without pouring out of it.

It made us start to think a bit more about the majority of people. Clearly the majority of people are not really fit enough to wear things that show that much body. Sure they could be confident enough, but is that really something they would want to do. It's not something that I would want to do.

What we were talking about is the idea of clothes actually fitting. We may think that these ladie's shirts didn't actually fit, but how many of us wear clothes that don't fit. How many of us squeeze into the wrong sized pants, or shirts, or bras (so i hear).

I found that I was doing this without even thinking about it. I have been wearing an extra large shirt since I was in middle school. I have gotten taller since then, but the clothes never seemed to get longer. It wasn't until many years later that I learned about extra large tall shirts, but they were so expensive that it didn't make sense to just get one.

In this past year we have found a local store that carries tall clothes for cheap. So we have gotten me several t shirts and a nice flannel. I didn't realize how much I was hurting myself physically by wearing the wrong clothes.

It turns out that I would always be hunched over to make my shirt long enough to cover my belt. I didn't want people to see my belt because that would seem like my shirt was wrong. So after I switched to the new shirts I started to naturally stand up tall, and even hitting my head on things.

I think when it comes to taking care of ourselves we have to be very mindful. Not everything is about what we eat and how much we work out. Sometimes it is as simple as just wearing the right clothes for our bodies.

I noticed that I needed a longer shirt. Maybe others need the same thing. Maybe someone is wearing a shirt that is way too big and it is causing other issues. Maybe people with pants that are too tight are causing real issues on their insides that they don't even notice. Not to mention all of the beautiful feed that are getting wonked up because they are being crammed into crappy shoes.

Thank you all of joining me today as I sort through some of this nonsense. I hope your day is filled with amazing and your clothes are just what you need.

Be well
~The Yeti

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