Coronavirus: How do I protect myself?

9개월 전

✋ Wash your hands for 20 seconds

🚫 Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

Some of the ways you can protect yourself from the coronavirus outbreak....
Some of the ways you can protect yourself from the coronavirus outbreak.

(via BBC Lifestyle & Health News)

Please protect yourself to protect our loved ones.
Right now, the total number of infections globally is 95,266 and there have been 86 countries in the world with infected people.

The epidemic will last and this year, economic difficulties are expected in many countries.

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how about protect your self by protecting others first.
do the dab

many people around me cough as if they are holding a microphone 2 inches away from their face.... this doesnt do anything... dabbing filters most fluid particles through your shirt.... when i dont have sleeve i pull up my colar to cough/sneeze in it...

carry handsanatizer with you when you cant wash ur hands rn, especially in vn since its so cheap to eat out there :D


VN means Vietnam?
LOL ... Interestingly, according to government data, there are only 16 cases in Vietnam, and all have been cured.
It is truly a wonderful thing ! khakha


even germany, with a similar population size has much much more cases. not sure if this is like china suppressing information about the spread of the infection, or like indonesia where people are suspicious of even having the right testing kit. its also interesting that USA has so many covid19 deaths and so few infected when the lethality is usually only at 2%.
but then again in vietnam its normal to run around wearing facemask and complete burka during sunlight.


I am really worried for my relatives. I usually don't go out, but what's happening in Vietnam, when I compare with other countries, really makes me hard to think.
Oh, we will be administratively punished for reporting on Covid which has not been verified by a government agency. There is no official data but the number of people who have to work and be fined in Vietnam regarding Covid is certainly quite large :)
I tried to describe miracles in Vietnam here :(


seems harmless compared to what i hear from china.
you should watch it before youtube takes it down (they like to censor for china corona videos).
if things get bad in VN you know what to expect.