What is a dopamine detox? | The tools I use for my DAILY dopamine fasts | ft. Digital Minimalism


What is a dopamine fast? Recently I've been embracing the power a dopamine detox to help protect my mental health. Dopamine fast has also helped me cultivate more curiosity.

In this video, I showcase some of the tools I've started using for my daily dopamine fasts. Yup you heard that right, I've batched times throughout the day to be 100 percent away from all technology.

When I first started asking the question, 'What is a Dopamine fast?' I quickly realized people would go 24 hours without any tech. I do see a lot of value of going a whole day without any technology. But with my current circumstance, it's not possible. So the next best option was to apply the principles of a dopamine detox into parts of my day.

In this video, I go into detail of the following:

  1. Why dopamine detox is done wrong by many people.
  2. The person who coined the word Dopamine detox
  3. The myths of a dopamine detox
  4. The tools I use to incorporate dopamine detox into my everyday life.

Enjoy :)

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wow, deep lol I didn't know anything about this - EPIC edit and storyline Harshillll