HOW TO BE A CURIOUS PERSON | 3 physical tools I use to put myself into the state of curiosity |EP01


How to be a curious person??! That's the question I've been asking myself for the past few years.

How to be curious and using curiosity to your advantage is the biggest reason I started this youtube channel. I believe cultivating curiosity can help destroy negative emotions that swirl in our heads.

In this video, I share 3 physical tools I use to be a curious person. I understand that sounds a little weird but if you're someone who wants to know how to be more curious, I suggest watching this!

In this video I share:

  1. 3 tools I use to be a curious person
  2. How I use these tools to cultivate curiosity
  3. Why it's important to be a curious person


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Nice video! Be curios and focus on reality in a scientific way has helped me a lot of times to switch mental state.
The only thing that does not work for me is the timer....