D.tube on Clubhouse | who is in?

3개월 전

Hi D.tube community, let me know if you would be down to open the D.tube room on Clubhouse to promote our community.
I have 2 invites to send out.
Best greetings

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Sincerely I've been thinking we need ways to actually promote dtube. It's been s really long time. Hope you've been well?


Hey my friend, thanks👊🏼doing fine so far. Hope you too. Yes, we need to push the knowledge about dtube outside of our community and I believe these kind of mainstream media can help to attract more people joining in.

Send me an Invite on Twitter Ferdi, @cryptonomad6. xo :)


It just works on iOS atm and invitations can only be sent as imessage as of now. You got an iPhone next to your Samsung?

I've suddenly been seeing a lot of people talking about this "Clubhouse" thing. I had no idea what it was until watching this video. I saw Cuoruscate (Girl Gone Crypto) post about it on Twitter.

I should probably check it out later on this week. I've got a few things to do today so probably not today, but it looks like it's blowing up. I wonder how they got that much attention.


Within a year they were able to boost that thing massively. Big names like GaryV and others helped with it. This morning Elon showed up the first time and gave the Ceo of Robinhood a hard time😂 let me know if you need an invite and we can sort it out. Would need your phone number tho, that's how it works. Hit me on discord or telegram if you want to want to. ✌🏻