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Hi family.
Today’s video is my statement why I make use of my right to downvote certain videos on
@michael700 I hope you get to see this and I’m looking forward to your next comment.

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Plagiarism ... lol we make DTC for flagging the garbage LOL please do keep going 😅

Thanks for the mention, @hauptmann ! Good video, and you make some really good points:

  1. There are already dedicated platforms for porn
  2. So far the people posting porn on DTube do not actually own that content
    Porn here is very clickbaitey, but I do not believe it has real staying power on DTube as people will generally go to an adult website for their pornos. I think most of the viewers on DTube either get here via a search, or are just browsing. I don't think anybody really comes to DTube looking for porn...
    Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing more of your content!