#2020Vision Challenge Day 20: Checking out CupOfTraffic.com

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A sedate #2020Vision challenge this time, clicking for credits with a Cup Of Traffic:


61 #2020Vision Challenges - Only 41 to Go!

This is the 20th of my #2020Vision challenges. I started on February 11th and will continue until Easter Eve, Saturday April 11th, a total of 61 days or challenges!

11th to 11th. 1+1 + 1+1 = 4, which nicely reflects the key number of the challenge!

I sometimes miss a day here or there, so I will continue doing the challenges until I have completed the 61st, even if it goes beyond Easter. I will continue to do two challenges in a single video from time to time to "catch up."

Lenten Fast

Sadly, this afternoon's college graduation party was cancelled, and part-time teachers were asked to stay away from the morning ceremony as well.

On the upside, it meant another day at home and so another alcohol-free day! (My "fast" is to eschew alcohol at home. Full permission to drink when out!)

The Corona Virus Panic is keeping me good! So far I have stayed at home on 6 out of the 8 days of Lent. Drinking days 2: Sober days 6.

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Thanks to @pixiepost for creating the #2020vision following the example of #actifit !!

David Hurley

Check out my blog @ https://davidhurley.net

Downline builder & traffic site: https://www.elitedownlinebuilder.com

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Its great that you are being consistent everyday with #2020 and demonstrating that it is just about doing something everyday for a single cause :)

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Thanks Russ! Glad you liked the video! I notice I said in the video that I was "voting for CTP" when I meant to say I was voting for CupOfTraffic on CTP Top Sites.

Hi David,
I enjoy surfing the TEs! It is a nice way to learn about what other people in the community are doing online and very relaxing! Going to be on them later on! I am working on my Cup of Traffic Mastery and Sea Life Hits Mastery.


Hi Lisa, yes, surfing TEs is an easy way to get something done for your business each day. I haven't got around to joining Sea Life Hits yet, but will do soon, and then work through the Mastery.

Nice creative "pushups", David! Another day checked! Keep on going!


Thanks ph! 41 more challenges to go...

"Mom! I'm on TV!!" lol
Was nice to see my face over there and good job for today's #2020Vision!
Lets continue to #pushon :)


Hi Eliana, Just after finishing the video I clicked a few more ads and found your TrafficLeads2IncomeVM squeeze page, so I joined your list and signed up through your link. Your ads are nicely targeted and have excellent personal branding.