#2020Vision Challenge 26 - No Prizes For Finding My 1st Unicorn!

6개월 전

In today's "conceptual #2020Vision Challenge I discover my first unicorn and give the prize wheel a couple of spins.

Then I discover that while I was away Jon Olson had featured my https://ctptalk.com/@hirohurl blog on his YouTube channel:

26/61 challenges completed! Can I get the next 35 challenges done before Easter??

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Thanks to @pixiepost for creating the #2020vision following the example of #actifit !!

David Hurley

Check out my blog @ https://davidhurley.net

Downline builder & traffic site: https://www.elitedownlinebuilder.com

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Hi David @hirohurl - congrats for saving unicorns :)

Made in Canva

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Good stuff David, sorry you got bit by the "luck of the draw". :)


Thanks @ghcamry ! It prompted me to explore the Unicorn Oasis, subscribe to all the lists and spin the wheel a few more times! I've won quite a bit of xp now. The jackpot will be a nice win for somebody.

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