CTPTalk #2020Vision Challenge #29 - Just to Prove I Do Win Prizes On The CTP Prize Wheel!

6개월 전

This is my 3rd attempt to win a prize on the ClickTrackProfit Prize Wheel in a video recording! Before today's video I had recorded myself spinning the wheel 5 times and every time had resulted in the dreaded NO PRIZE! However, I have won several times off camera...

I went through several emails from list owners who participate in CTP's Unicorn's Oasis. I clicked several "Save A Unicorn" link and earned 6 spins of the ClickTrackProfit Prize Wheel...

Check the video to see if I won any prizes!

29/61 challenges completed! Can I get the next 32 challenges done before Easter??

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Thanks to @pixiepost for creating the #2020vision following the example of #actifit !!

David Hurley

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