What is Ashtanga yoga ?

4개월 전

In this video I want to explain the main ideas of what is the Ashtanga yoga. It is an a short introduction to this yoga method. In othere videos i will be sharing more ideas about ashtanga yoga.

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Shanti shanti to you, stay bless

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Nice to have you back on DTube! :-) You explained Ashtanga Yoga very well. It would be very nice to share an Ashtanga Yoga Practice sometime. I hope you are fine ;)


Thank you are always so kind with my work here in Steemit !

I will be creating more professional content and better quality in


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hope to see you there, if you are based in USA you can joing the beta launch ! it would be great to keep in touch there !

Nice to have one more fellow Ashtanga ;)
Namaste vppzrp.jpg


hahah great ! join


i will be creating content in that platform


Great to hear : )
Looking forward to it :)

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final de post.png¡¡¡Felicidades!!!


gracias siempre tan bondadosos con mi contendio en steemit !

ya no estarpe creando mucho contenido por aca

estaré en


mas adelante subire video por aca hablando de voice y opr qué me mudo allí !