[JP Gameplay] Metro 2033 Redux - Chapter 1

2개월 전

yooo hello my fellow gamers, thanks to those of you who have watched my second gameplay video regarding the legend rayman game, this time I have a game that is interesting enough for me to play, yes metro 2033 redux. In my first gameplay video, I played a main character named artyom, the graphics of this game are really very good. Because my laptop is not strong, I use low graphics so that my gameplay looks better to watch.

From the storyline, this game is very neat, one by one the cut scenes that are shown are very synchronous, the story is quite difficult to guess, because I will move from one city to another, the main character as a hunter who is ready to play the mission the main part of a captain named alex. Curious about this game? just watch my gameplay video episode 1 above, hope you enjoy it and see you in episode 2.

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