STEEM to HIVE swap in 2 mintues.

6개월 전

First and foremost, D-Tube has improved heaps ever since I last gave up uploading a video on it months ago. Anyway, users can convert their liquid HIVE to STEEM or vice versa as shown in this tutorial.

All summed up in a quick 2-minute video (no voice over sorry) tutorial using SteemLeo DEX & dCity's all new BeeSwap interface.

Bear in mind I had bear is a total of 1% fee. That is 0.5% for depositing STEEM and 0.5% for withdrawing HIVE into wallet.
Here is a list of the second marks of action I performed.

  • 0.15 - I send 10.000 STEEM
  • 0.23 - Authorize Steemconnect using my private active key.
  • 0.43 - Checking my balance with SteemLeo Dex as balance now 9.94999 STEEMP. (minus the 0.5% deposit fee imposed)
  • 1.01 - Manual exchange spot buy 6.68 HIVEP at rate of 1.489 STEEMP per HIVEP.
  • 1.18 - Checking balance with BeeSwap
  • 1.23 - Commence withdrawal 1.00 HIVEP to my HIVE wallet.
  • 1.32 - Authorize Steemconnect using my private active key again.
  • 1.46 - verifying transaction with
  • 1.54 - Checking balance in wallet 1.247 HIVE = 0.995* + 0.252

Do note, exchange is still manual. This means you can queue a bid and wait for a lower exchange rate to hit.
This certainly can work both ways from HIVE to STEEM or STEEM to HIVE.

The weakness in this approach is, still far too many steps (total 6 to 7 clicks) for my grandmother to use, but is a start. Good luck.

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