Drawing with Salt

7개월 전

Hello guys, so I decided to join the #dangotesaltartchallenge and here is my Entry. Creating this master piece is to speak little about the current situation of the country and also to chip in somethings that can't be left out this time.

For the lady with a face mask signifies a way and method to stay safe both indoor and outdoor and it's a piece of advice to all to always have their face masks on regardless of where they find themselves.

For the second illustration, salt been poured in a pot signifies the beauty of this world. In regards to whatsoever situation we find ourselves in this pandemic period, let's always remember that we are the salt of the world. To every taste of a man, there is salt. Man tastes salt in every single thing digested and remember, the best salt to consume is @dangote_salt

Man is salt and so we are the salt of the world.

With my little advice, let's remember to STAY SAFE in all we do.

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