Windows - A Short Skateboarding Edit

8개월 전

Despite all the craziness and stress in this world, there are always some windows of opportunities to do what you love and enjoy yourself.
For me, this window is skateboarding and I just can't stop rolling hehe!

About "Windows" Skateboarding Edit

I was out skateboarding with my homies a couple of days ago at this sweet marble 3-stairs spot and since I was there I thought of trying and learn a new trick. This trick was the Nollie fs Shuvit and I landed it way easier than I expected.

I also landed a couple more tricks while trying this Nollie Shuvit and lucky me, my homie Paul was there capturing everything with his camera! Thanks brother!

Have Fun watching & #Skatehive for life

Music : Windows - Sugar Candy Mountain

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Much love to everyone and always have fun.

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