Finally a Skatehive Vlog - Street skateboarding at #SKG Campus

8개월 전

After a long 2-months break, I finally present you a fresh #Skatehive Skateboarding Vlog!

Don't get me wrong, I upload skate clips in our skateboarding community daily but filming and editing a skate vlog is a completely different story. It takes time, concentration and of course the right motivation.

I had a blast filming and editing this video though and I think that shows by the way I skated and talked to the camera. I forgot how awesome it feels to film vlogs so I'm definitely gonna share more of 'em in the future.

Click play and enjoy my skateboarding adventures.


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Much love to everyone and always have fun.

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Shoes sticky af hey?


Hell yeah hahaha! Thanks for the curation dude!


No sweat buddy 💖 good to see you back doing what you love! I am just getting back into picking up the golf discs for the first time in nearly 6 years.... weirdly euphoric but feels good to get out an do something again. Working my way up to riding a bike again then hopefully start running after some strength has returned 🤞 surgeon gave me a less than 50% chance of recovering strength enough to run but he did not account for ones ability to develop other muscles to compensate 😜

I gave you a shoutout in the most recent @onelovedtube highlight soon to be posted... 💖 I would love to get you on the Original DTubers Talk we host every Tuesday seeming to be most likely at 5PM UTC in the official DTube Stage ... give me a ping before hand and I can line you up as one of the featured guests 💖


Wish you a fast recovery dude and if I may, what was this surgery about?

Thanks a ton for the shout-out man and I'll let you know if I can make it to any of these meetings! Right now my hands are full! We are doing 2 weekly meetings in our skatehive discord, building our community and at the same time I got to hustle them crypto to live hehehe!

Have fun and keep hustling man!