Ⓑ Blockchain: The Big Picture - Part 2: Tokenization

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In this video I continue further into my Blockchain: The Big Picture series and this time look at Part 2 which covers the concepts of money, trade, and tokenization. As explained in Part 1, I had initially anticipated only making one Big Picture video but now it is becoming a video series. In Part 1 I had covered the notion of digital blockchain consensus which allows a network of computers to maintain a single ledger or history of transactions. This concept is a key factor in governing the current state of the world and the direction it is heading.

In this Part 2 video, I start with pondering philosophical questions such as why do we do the things we do and create the things we create. These questions require exploring the concepts of work and manufacturing as well as trade and money. The concept of money is an abstraction and only exists so long as there is a collective belief or consensus as to its use as a representation or “tokenization” of goods and services. This belief in money requires an entire system of governance to maintain trust in it and it is this very system which is getting an entire shakedown through the emergence of blockchain technology. The full implications of what this means will be explored in Part 3 so stay tuned!

The topics covered in this video are listed below as well as their timestamps:

  • @ 0:42 - Topics to Cover
  1. @ 1:24 - Recap on Part 1
  2. @ 6:16 - Introduction to Part 2
  3. @ 7:23 - Technology
  4. @ 8:34 - Directed Energy
  5. @ 10:34 - Mind Control
  6. @ 12:07 - Collective Mind Control
  7. @ 15:37 - Trade
  8. @ 18:58 - Barter
  9. @ 22:16 - Money
  10. @ 25:58 - Consensus
  11. @ 26:59 - Trust
  12. @ 30:20 - Infrastructure of Money
  13. @ 35:43 - Tokenization
  14. @ 46:24 - Digital Tokenization
  15. @ 53:26 - Blockchain Tokenization
  16. @ 1:06:00 - To Be Continued in Part 3: Architecture of Control

Stay tuned for Part 3…

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In this video I look at Part 2 of my Blockchain: The Big Picture video series and this time explore the concept of money, trade, and tokenization in hopes of understanding how the world is operated and controlled.

View video notes on the Hive blockchain: https://peakd.com/general/@mes/blockchain-the-big-picture-part-2-tokenization

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