✈️#911Truth Part 18: Feature Documentary: 9/11 Alchemy - Free Energy & Free Thinking by WCM

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In #911Truth Part 18 I have uploaded, with permission, legendary documentary maker Christian Hampton's, from Wolf Clan Media, first 9/11 documentary titled: 9/11 Alchemy: Free Energy & Free Thinking. This documentary is Volume 1 of his 9/11 Alchemy series in which I have already uploaded Volume 2, Facing Reality, in #911Truth Part 11. But given the importance of both free energy and free thinking, now is a fitting time to present it. In fact, the simple notion of “thinking freely” is something that is deemed “controversial” in today’s totalitarian fear-based order-following society.

The documentary begins with an overview of Nikola Tesla and his plans to build Wardenclyffe Tower in New York in 1901 with hopes of providing the world with unmetered free electrical energy. Fast forward through decades of pre-planned wars, narrated via President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s warning of the Military Industrial Complex, and we arrive at the new ground zero for war: September 11, 2001. The turning of massive buildings (and people) into dust and spontaneously combusting cars, all while leaving very little rubble left was a devastation that left clues for a better world, a free world.

September 11, 2001 was the date the world was confronted with the magic of alchemy, but we just need the mind to comprehend what the eyes see. Dr. Judy Wood was one such mind and even connected the work of obscure free thinking inventor John Hutchison to every alchemical effect on 9/11. What we are entering is the world of secrecy, the world of classified material, the world which the public is not meant to see or even know about. And this world has ways of keeping itself hidden. One such way is by steering truth seekers away from cold fusion and into dead ends of invisible thermitic explosives. But steer through the clouds of dust and disinformation, and what’s laying there is the truth. And this truth is that free energy and free thinking go hand-in-hand…

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For a complete list of WCM links, complete sequence of events, and MANY screenshots chronicling the video, please see the corresponding video notes on the Hive blockchain: https://peakd.com/hive-113182/@mes/911truth-part-18-9-11-alchemy-free-energy-and-free-thinking-by-wcm

The (shortened) sequences of events and their timestamps are listed below.

  1. @ 0:00 - Nikola Tesla
  2. @ 5:49 – September 11, 2001
    • @ 6:54 – Hurricane Erin mentioned on TV
  3. @ 13:28 – 9/11 Alchemy: Free Energy & Free Thinking
  4. Disappearing Towers
    • @ 19:00 – Miracle of Stairwell B
  5. @ 21:35 – John Hutchison: The Hutchison Effect
    • @ 24:56 - Dustification of Humans
  6. @ 32:55 – Dustification of the WTC
  7. @ 36:31 – Dust
  8. @ 42:07 – More Hutchison Effect on 9/11
  9. @ 51:42 – Molecular dissociation
  10. @ 53:52 – Energy
  11. @ 1:09:15 – Joseph Newman free energy device
  12. @ 1:10:36 – NIST WTC 7 science fraud
  13. @ 1:11:50 – ARA and SAIC chosen to coverup Twin Towers dustification
  14. Cold Fusion and 9/11
  • @ 1:14:49 – High tritium levels on 9/11
  • @ 1:16:03 – Disinfo agent Steven E. Jones coverup of LENR or Cold Fusion
  1. @ 1:24:38 – Disinfo agent Steven E. Jones and “Nano-Thermite” disinfo
  2. @ 1:28:00 – Alleged “planes”, bird damage, and aluminum can launcher
  3. @ 1:29:54 – Cleanup crew footage from 9/11 to 9/13
  4. @ 1:30:08 – Bill Cooper predicts 9/11

Stay tuned for #911Truth Part 19...

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In #911Truth Part 18 I have uploaded Christian Hampton from Wolf Clan Media's first 9/11 documentary titled: 9/11 Alchemy - Free Energy & Free Thinking. And the notion of “free thinking” is something which is of utmost importance as the global tyranny is unveiling itself at this very moment.

Follow WCM! https://www.youtube.com/user/SyllablezShow/videos
WCM website: http://wolfclanmedia.org/

View video notes on the Hive blockchain: https://peakd.com/hive-113182/@mes/911truth-part-18-9-11-alchemy-free-energy-and-free-thinking-by-wcm

View full video series: https://peakd.com/truth/@mes/911

In fact there would be a directed-energy/free-energy device in "space" that has turned into dust buildings, unbelievable theory/technology! #WhatATheory #SoundsCrazy #WhyCreatingSuch

Maybe extraterrestrials where in collusion with that event #TheyBroughtUsTechnology

Do you think that technologies involved in the attacks of 9/11 overpass the CERN technologies? Is there any advanced theory of quantum physics that the CERN hasn't discovered yet that is in relations with free-energy? Does Tesla had an extended vision of something somewhat like quantum physics? I wonder ...

  ·  18일 전

I think the 9/11 tech is a display of suppressed true science without the quantum "wave-particle duality" contradictions. CERN, mainstream quantum mechanics, and pretty much all of mainstream science is based on the assumption of "particles" as discrete objects yet the "wave-like" contradictions of this assumption leads to the quantum probabilistic view of reality. This leads to the CERN unnecessary colliding of undefined "particles" in hopes of determining smaller undefined "particles".

In essence, the missing puzzle piece is a true understanding of the Aether, and which the best model that I have seen is by Fractal Woman and Ionel Dinu: https://peakd.com/hive-128780/@mes/ionel-dinu-and-lori-gardi-aether-circulation-model-of-electricity-and-magnetism

Essentially viewing the Aether as a super fine liquid allows for all action at a distance, be it light, electromagnetism, or gravity to be mere vibration and pressure mediations in the Aether. This is the key to overcoming the conventional reified notions of "particles" and "forces" that hinders mainstream science to go beyond the current burning of fuel to produce energy.


Very interesting indeed i'll have a look but I suspect it to be a bit more complex to understand, in maths sometimes your equation will fit for a few examples but not for the whole, I bet, it is the same for current physics, we have some wrong basis and our simple mind have not be able to see theses elementary mistakes... Let's investigate the Lacerta dossier about the nature of reality, a supposedly great interview with a female reptilian.

Scientists do not understand the true nature of the universe, your logical mind is not able to perceive the simplest things and rely on faulty mathematics and arithmetic.

Imagine that all the matter here is screen this pencil this unit this paper does not really exist but is simply the result of an oscillating field of vibrations and a momentary concentration of energy all the material you see every creature every planets and stars in this universe have energy equivalent information in the energy sphere of influence. AETHER?

She seems to describe reality as a matrix with a reality and a mirror place where energy belongs to it is said that reptilian can act upon this mirror place and interact with matter, sorry for having had to change subject but maybe truth simply is a wider and tall story :)

I will remember perfectly and in every details how much the love was strong when you're work was shared with interpol and some other agencies, talking about 911 and pizzagate, how many lifes we've saved how many truth warriors we've created, hopefully you was there and you had a mind and a hearth, because of you the world change, you're biggest ally

  • Primerz