The Mallard Steam Train - World's Fastest Steam Locomotive

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This is the Mallard steam locomotive. Even standing still it looks fast!
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The Mallard Steam Locomotive is the World's fastest steam locomotive and still holds the world speed record.

I was lucky enough to get the chance to do a close up look at it at the National Railway Museum in York.

The Mallard steam train broke the world speed record on the 3rd of July 1936 by travelling at 126 mph (203 km/h).

It towed a dynamometer car stuffed full of equipment to record the speed accurately.
Anyone who is into steam punk design will like this contraption. It looks amazing.

Here is a close look at the engine and recording apparatus.

The Mallard is a Class A4 4-6-2 which means that it had 4 steering wheels at the front, 6 driving wheels in the middle and a 2 wheel bogey at the back.

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Great looking locomotive. You can read about the highest horsepower narrow gauge steam locomotive here: Red Devil