Baalbek Temple Complex Lebanon Ancient History Megalithic Tunnels in the Shape of H for Heliopolis

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The Roman ruins of the Baalbek Temple complex in Lebanon is just the surface of this fascinating site of ancient history.
It also has an underground tunnel system which was found under the temples.
They form the foundation supporting the temple of Jupiter and the other temples in the complex.

Built in the shape of a gigantic letter H these massive foundations gave the place it's Roman name Heliopolis. City of the Sun. It is very hot in the Bekaa Valley almost like a furnace in the summertime.

Baalbek existed long before the Romans came along. The older structures were used as foundations for the Roman temple complex we see today.

The entire complex is massive.
Enter the tunnel complex 1:23
Deep inside the tunnels 2:40

These ancient tunnels are in fact the massive foundations of the whole Baalbek temple complex.
The theory suggested by the evidence found by archaeological surveys and our local tour guide Hassan who is a local archaeologist and historian who has been studying the site for 40+ years and his father before him.

You can decide what you believe? How did they build this massive temple complex at Baalbek in Lebanon
It is a UNESCO world heritage site and it makes us think very seriously about how ancient people lived and worked.

It may seem like a big mystery to some people as to how they built it with virtually no modern technology but all the evidence points to the exploitation of millions of slaves over hundreds of years.

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