Murdock Shaving Kit Save Money On Shaving

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This is the Murdock Shaving Kit and not only will it will save you money on shaving it will probably help save the planet at the same time if we all did it. We have gotten used to disposable everything and the time has come to do whatever we can in whatever way we can to fix the problems we have created with single use plastics.
It may seem like a giant leap to think that by simply changing our shaving habits we can fix these massive problems and they can seem overwhelming but by making small changes do the everyday things that we do. We can have an impact.
Shaving is something that many people do everyday and just imagine the number of disposable razors that are thrown away every day and where they end up?

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You can save a ton on the blades. Here it was a nearly 3 buck difference, but saving the landfill space as well!


Imagine all that plastic that we could get rid of too. Old skool is the way forward as far as shaving goes for me. :-)