KAY G101 Acoustic Travel Guitar - What is a Zero Fret?

2개월 전

This is a Kay G101 acoustic guitar. it is now a vintage guitar being over 30+ years old but how does it play and sound?

It also has a zero fret?

A zero fret is where the nut just guides the strings down the fretboard and there is a fret at the top of the fretboard at the zero position which the strings touch.
The advantage of a zero fret is that the player can change to any gauge of strings without having to cut a new nut. Genius idea.👍

Kay have been making musical instruments for many years and have even made guitars for Gibson.

I bought this guitar for my children over 30 years ago and I am going to fix it up for my grandchildren to learn how to play the guitar.

It still plays well and is just in need of a little attention and some new strings and a saddle.

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