Baalbek Lebanon Ruins - Who Built These Ancient Megalithic Structures?

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The Baalbek Lebanon ruins are truly astonishing and the way they moved and built these massive ancient megalithic structures has puzzled the greatest minds for centuries. Based on the available evidence this video explains how it was built.

Baalbek Lebanon ruins - How they built these ancient megalithic structures
Our tour guide is Hassan a local archaeologist and historian. He has been working on the Baalbek site for over forty years. Baalbek is a UNESCO world heritage site and if you are interested in ancient civilizations and you ever get the chance to visit. It's a place that you must see in person. it is epic in proportions. The largest temples in the whole of the Roman Empire.
It is amazing what can be achieved with an unlimited amount of slave labour from across the Roman Empire. 90% of the slaves that work on the temple complex where from as far away as Spain, Gaul and maybe even Britain? That fact alone is astonishing.

The great Temple of Jupiter was glistening in the midday furnace that is the Bekaa valley.
It was very hot but we just had to go on the tour as we couldn't wait to hear all about this amazing structure.
There is a bit of wind noise on the video so I've included closed captions so you can read what the guide is saying. This is Heliopolis a truly fascinating place.

Temple of Jupiter 4:08
How they moved 1400 ton megaliths 15:51
Temple of Bacchus 17:00
Temple of Venus 23:00

The ancient megaliths of Baalbek Lebanon in the Beqaa (Bekaa) Valley have baffled people for 1,000's of years.

How on earth were these massive structures built? How were the Baalbek megaliths moved.
How was it possible for such early human civilizations to move these huge stone monoliths some of which were from as far away as Egypt?
There are so many questions even today.

Many individual stones are between 400 and 800 tons each and some megaliths are 1400 tons each. Was Baalbek constructed by Aliens?

Many believe that Aliens must have had something to do with the construction because the stones are so massive.
Check out part two in this series on my channel.
The tunnels under Baalbek.

We know the temple was very important because it contains the largest and tallest columns ever built by the Roman empire. They are massive.

The people had no equipment capable of moving such huge stones so how did they do it?

The seemingly impossible task is explained in this video. it's hard to believe that people can be so wicked and cruel.

100,000's of slaves from all over the Roman empire were brought to build the temples.
It took hundreds of years to build. Millions died in the building process.

This small town in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley has a very long history encompassing Neolithic, Bronze age and Greek and Roman antiquity, it was known as Heliopolis, the city of the sun. (Sun city)
It possesses some of the best preserved and extensive Roman empire age ruins in the world. Baalbek is a UNESCO World heritage site.

The whole site is massive and each temple is individually impressive. To have three temples all in one place is incredibly unusual and rare.

The Temple of Bacchus celebrates the fact that Bacchus was the god of wine and debauchery. Parties would go on for days on end and all kinds of pleasures indulged.
Stone carvings depict people enjoying all the fruits of the Beqaa Valley.

Bacchus was a hermaphrodite (possessed both male and female genitals) and was held in the highest regard.

People at that time wanted to please their gods and to please Bacchus was simple all you had to do was have a good time.

The Temple of Jupiter. Jupiter was the king of all the gods. Jupiter's temple is the largest on the site as denotes his position in the pantheon of the gods.

Jupiter also known as Jove was a sky god and controlled the sun and weather including thunder and lightning.

The Temple of Venus. There are several stone carvings of Venus. She was the goddess of love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory.

Venus is carved into the Baalbek stones as if rising out of the ocean in a shell. Just like Aphrodite. The connections are obvious.

The whole temple complex site is beautifully enigmatic. It's size and construction boggles the mind and it's incredible to think that they built this place over 2,000 years ago. It is massive.

The various buildings took over 250 years to build. It is a fascinating place to visit and makes us question everything we think we know about the ancient world. These people were way more advanced than we commonly assume.

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