YouTube Vs Dtube Earnings How Much Did I Make?


I recorded this video in 2018 and it still valid and holds true today.

The age old question of How much did I make on YouTube vs Dtube revealed.
Since demonetization YouTube terms and conditions were changed without my consent so I am no longer constrained from telling you about my earnings on YouTube.
Dtube is a decentralised video hosting platform on the Avalon blockchain. What does that mean? It means that every time you upload a video to this blockchain you have the potential to earn a crypto currency called DTC from members of the community voting for your video.
Think of it as likes with a monetary incentive. These DTC are tradable on various exchanges for the currency of your choice.
Dtube has been around for a few years now. It started out on the Steem blockchain and migrated to it's own blockchain in 2020. The Avalon blockchain is owned by the content creators and holders of the DTC tokens.
The Avalon blockchain is uncensorable and cannot be taken down. Which means that your videos cannot be taken down or messed with by anyone.

It's the future that we as content creators own and no one can shut us down.

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My gear:-
Camera: Canon 70 D
Sigma 30 mm EX Lens
Dell Laptop i7 with 8 gig ram 256 gig SSD

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Interesting video. Personally I have never been a creator on youtube or elsewhere, but the concept here on dtube seems to be worth it.