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DISCOVER THE UNIVERSE - Awareness, Education, Skills, Experiences
Sweden ki Diary

The aim of this Channel is to raise Awareness, support Education, learn Skills, and share Experiences on a variety of topics that are important for The Global Community. This should help to “Discover the Universe” and open up “Endless Opportunities” to materialize them to achieve your goals.

The topics covered may include following, but are not limited to:

 Information Security, Privacy, Risks Management, & Compliance
 Public Safety, & National Security
 Global Health, Environment & Green Energy
 Business Development, & Entrepreneurship
 Career Development
 Online Business
 Global Economy, Financial Markets, Central Banks, & Cryptocurrency
 Digitalization; e-Governance, e-Services, e-Health, Blockchain, Robotics, AI (Artificial Intelligence)
 Social Systems, & Governance Models

About me:

I have unique competence, backed by 23+ years of work experience (with superior performance in an Open, Cross-cultural, International and Challenging Environment) in a variety of Industry Sectors:

 Banking, Finance (Europe, Central Asia)
 Government, National Security and Public Safety Sector (Europe, Central Asia, and Africa)
 Information Technology (Europe, Central Asia, and Africa)
 Telecommunications (working with Customers/Operators in Europe, Central Asia, and Africa)
 Energy (Europe)
 Transport & Logistics (Europe)
 Healthcare (Europe)

I have been working with Blockchain Infrastructure & Use Cases, ‘Information Security & Privacy Strategy, Governance, Risks & Compliance Management’, ‘steering complex Internal & External Audits’, '‘Advisory Led Consultancy/Services Management’, Business Development/Technical Sales’, ‘Project & Programme Management’, and ‘Solutions Development within R&D centers’.

I have an excellent, holistic view of ICT Security (including Blockchain) covering Legal, People, Processes and Technological aspects. I know how to utilize it to help businesses and governments to achieve their goals and to communicate complex technical concepts to both technical and non-technical personnel at different levels of the organizational hierarchy. I have led several ICT Transition & Transformation projects helping customers to modernize (embrace the cloud, mobility, social media & big data) while reducing/balancing associated risks to create a more secure, open and engaging ICT environment to enhance their business productivity.

I have a solid academic background (Ph.D. courses and Three Master’s degrees covering Technical, Business and Sales skills from top universities of Sweden with excellent grades) and globally recognized professional Certifications covering all the domains of Information Security and Business Risks Management. I had won The Marcus Wallenberg Grant for Scientific Research within fields of Executive Leadership, Finance, and Business Management.


 Blockchain Strategy & Governance, Blockchain Infrastructure, Use Cases, & Operations
 Decentralized & Centralized, Public & Private, Permissioned & Permissionless Blockchains
 Blockchain Awareness & Education

 Information Security & Privacy Strategy, Governance, Risks & Compliance Management [all the 10 domains of CISSP]
 Internal & External Audits, Remediation Planning
 Governance of ICT Suppliers [Managed Services Delivery contracts – HP, IBM, TCS]
 ICT Transition & Transformation (Legal, People, Processes and Technological aspects)

 Customers Engagement: Advisory led Consultancy, Relationship, and Performance (service excellence) Management
 New Business Development (Sales Management, Pre-Sales). Outsourcing/Supplier (& 3rd parties) Risk Assessments.

 Inter-networking [Routing, Switching, Packet Backbone Networking/Security, IPS/IDS, Firewalls]
 Consumers & Business Applications: Mobile-PKI, SmartCards, VPNs, Ericsson Mobile Money Services, Mobility, etc.
 Security Services [Vulnerability Management, Security Reviews, Penetration Testing, Threat Analysis, Remediation Planning, Incidents Response – SOC (SIEM & Big Data Analytics: ArcSight)]

 Special Purpose Tactical Networks [NSPS (National Security & Public Safety)] & Disaster Management Solutions
 Digital Transformation; Smart Cities, e-Governance, Multimedia e/m-Services

 GSM/GPRS/WCDMA (2G/3G/4G/...) Systems Management
 IMS/VoIP (IP Multimedia Subsystem)
 Multi-vendor Inter-Operability Testing (IOT) for IMS/3G

 Business & Operational Risks Management - Security Incidents Management [ITIL/IPCC]
 Platform Operations (Windows, Linux/Red-Hat/SuSE, Unix/HP-UX/SUN-Solaris, OpenVMS/ Mainframe, etc.)

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