Safex Blockchain Main Net Local Node & Solo Mining Guide - Windows 10

2년 전

I hope this guide helps you get started with a Safex Local Node and Solo Mining!

Here are the essential links to help follow this guide. The Links below will be updated to contain relevant releases/updates.

(Safexd) - Blockchain

(Safex CLI Wallet)

(data.mdb) - Blockchain snapshot. Updated Every Monday

(data.mdb directory) Location of Blockhain data.mdb & lock.mdb files

(Mining Command) - Replace the address below with your own as well as number of threads if desired.

start_mining Safex5zkwG6QfBRdcU5kVNBqJQpCJKAE5XQVPKKZQxmDGr8PiKg61c1Qgd5pJAK1D1XorFYmY5QaRV9A7H13mXM3fgAbbrHwDUV2f 7

Remember to always do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency project!

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