Of turn to the work || want to know the process of manufacture of a container for juice?

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By: Miguel Baldallo
7 May 2020
Hello friends expect that they find well, after all the running of the bulls owing to the quarantine by the pandemia, yesterday began again to work and want to share with you part of the work that realise, am operator of a machine that commissions of the manufacture of the containers used for juices to continuation explain them the process and besides left them the video of schemes it in operation.

How it is the process?

The process carries out by means of a machine marks UNILOY that works by means of the blown by air since they exist also scheme them by injection of plastic.
? Once fed the machine with material polietileno
? A screw endless commissions to drag the material by means of a cañon that goes melting the plastic to different temperatures along the cannon.
? Melted the plastic, goes out by some filters in shape of sleeves (parisson).
? The unit of closing activates the moulds and to his time activate the injectors of air.
? During a no greater cycle to nueve second, open the moulds.
? A system of pinzas commissions to hold the containers and place them in a table in which they go cooling.
? A system of suckers (robot) raises the containers of the table and places them in a chain where are carried to a cortadora that removes the excess part of the container caused during the moldeo.
? Afterwards they go in in a probador of escape that works of pneumatic form.
? Of there they are carried by means of belts to the labeling
? Afterwards they are embalados, sealed and stored.
This is all the process and repeats day and night and are million containers that do during 24 hours.
I expect that it like them, you do not forget to vote, comment and share.
Greetings from Venezuela.

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