Pullman, WA Police bodycam footage - Unedited 8/29/20 Cop Kills Neighborhood Party

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Unedited bodycam footage

This bodycam is from a citation from the Pullman, WA Police Department. It is unedited and available for public use. I will add links to reports etc. when I receive them from the public records department. This incident occured on 8/28/20 and was the first weekend of the department issuing citations for breaking Governor Inslee's mandates limiting freedom in the state of Washington. The mandates declare that no "Person" may have a gathering of 10 or more people and they must be wearing masks and or social distancing keeping at least 6 fee of space between them. This is happening in America. People are willfully giving up their freedom without a fight. The technocratic police state is here and this is just the beginning.

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