DIY Potatoes pt 3 - Time to EAT!

3개월 전

Hi there Dtube! It's @nicolcron back again with the FINAL episode in my DIY Potatoes series!

You watched them being planted, then you watched them being harvested....
Now you get to see me cooking and eating them!!!

Just a short video really, to conclude this little experiment that was..
"The LAZIEST potato grow of all time!"

As always with my DIY/How to videos I generally have NO IDEA what I am doing.... So my apologies go out to any experts who have to watch me making every mistake in the book!
I am just trying to inspire others to 'have a go' at DIY stuff because it is so fun!!! :)

Thanks for watching!
Have a good one!!

LOVE is all

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Yesss the final episode :D I wondered if you just put them back in the ground ^^
I like that you and your parents have been so proud of your first potato harvest :D and the final result is looking rly delicious - I am hungry now :D


Cheers bro!! I put them in the fridge and forgot about them!!
When I remembered and checked on them they were still so fresh... Home grown stuff seems to have such a long lifespan!

I heard once something about supermarket vegetables only being put on the shelf when they have a week or so left.... They have them knocking about for weeks before they go on sale.

I ate the final few as baked potatoes literally yesterday!!! They were sooo good!!

I kept a couple of them to put in the cupboard to sprout themselves in time for planting in March time I reckon.
Complete the full circle of potato life! Hahaha!!
Thanks so much bro! :)


legit sustainability bro!

I might need to go and watch the other episodes for when I start taking care of the new garden :D


Thank you!! Ah yes, the first 2 episodes are pretty funny!! :)
They seem to just grow themselves!
If you have a bit of space for them I would say go for ittttt!
Have a good one!!