Re-creating REAL LIFE skateboarding tricks Ep 01 - SWITCH NOSEGRIND @nicolcron skate 3 gaming

3개월 전

Hey there Dtubers and SkateHive crew! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

I am back with a gaming video of sorts, on my fav game, SKATE 3!

In this little video series I am trying to recreate specific shots from my video parts from over the years.

So for episode 1 I wanted to start it all off with the switch nosegrind into the bank, that I did about 3 years ago at our beloved URBSIDE spot.... the DIY spot under the bridge!!

THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT DOING THE TRICKS!!!.. it is more about trying to find the most appropriate spot so that the 'game' version is as close to the original trick as possible.... Excecution, camera angle, clothing.... It is all part of the fun!!

If you enjoy this video look out for ep 2 coming soon!!
To be on the safe side you might as well subscribe if you don't want to miss out!! :)

Shoutout to all the dtubers and skatehivers and and all blockchain creators!!

Thanks for watching!
LOVE is all

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hey dude whats up? im thinking about streaming games. you ever use dLive and their lemon tokens? idk


Yo duuuuude!! I hope you are all good man!! :)
I make these videos in a complicated stupid way but it works for me right now.
I have never streamed anything live so I have no idea about dlive or their tokens.
Gaming videos are so fun!! I hope you can figure out a good way to get amongst it!!
Lovely to hear from you bro!!