DIY Potatoes pt 2 - Did anything grow?!! @nicolcron dtube gardening DIY

4개월 전

There's something in my garden.... AND IT WANTS OUT!!...

Hi there everybody! nicolcron finally back again!
I hope you are having a lovely day so far!!

If you saw my first D.I.Y. potatoes video then you must have thought I abandoned this idea simply because there was no part 2...

The LAZIEST potato grow of all time!

SURE, I completely forgot about them...
SURE, I can't remember even watering them...

Watch part 1 here...!/v/nicolcron/klvj49g60hm

...and support the DIY HIVE and DTUBE community at DIYhub!

Shoutout to @tibfox and all the DIYhub family!! Great stuff everyone!! :)

Sooooooo.... Will there be a Part 3?
"Part 3 DIY POTATOES DINNER TIME", coming this weekend!!!

As always with my DIY/How to videos I generally have NO IDEA what I am doing.... So my apologies go out to any experts who have to watch me making every mistake in the book!

Music by me!!
euromad - nicolcron

Thanks for watching!
Have a good one!!

LOVE is all

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Broooo finally haha great big loot! Didn't believed that they will grow this big!


It's mad isn't it? I was half expecting to get nothing at all!
I guess being in UK (with our famous weather) meant that they got some kind of water and were able to do their thing!
Cheers bro!!