I bought a mic! BUT is it any Good? BOYA BY-M1DM Lav mic FIRST IMPRESSIONS @nicolcron dtube

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Well Hello there my friends!
I have always takes sound for granted in my videos, as a skateboarder I feel that the visual side of things was always way more important.
But as I branch out into more 'speaking' type videos I thought it is probably about time that I upgraded the audio side of things so my D.tube videos sound clearer and better!

Today I am testing this £20 Dual headed Lav mic from BOYA, to see if even someone like me can benefit from this little gadget.

It actually took me 3 attempts to get these clips!!! So I was not off to a great start there!
Also using it on my iPhone seems to be a bit of a waste as this 'dual mic', mic produces a stereo sound which when recorded into a stereo recorder will give you 1 mic is all on the left channel and the other all on the right. Meaning I can mix those channels seperately.

This all came about as I plan on starting interview/podcast type videos in the near future and just had to get the ball rolling with this mic (Even if I end up with a better one before my famous friends start showing up!! Lol)

Anyway, here is a quick test under a few different conditions, comparing this BOYA BY-M1DM to the on-board camera mic of my crap little HD camera.

Thank you for watching! I hope if nothing else, you feel inspired to have a more serious think about the audio in YOUR videos!!

See you all again soon!!!



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the sound is great and 1000x better than the builtin mic dude. And now fiiiiiiiiiiinally you can turn down your camera voice xD


Hahah!! Yeah man! Thank you!
I think that it is absolutely essential to have some kind of mic for recording outside! Inside... well, if I can speak more quietly then it will work. Will prob take a little bit of time to adjust to using it, but I am glad it is some kind of upgrade at least!
Nice one bro! Thanks for the feedback!!

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