Skatepark SPEED BOOSTS with bicycle INNERTUBE - friends D.A and Yung Rosemary - FUN skate edit


Hi there Steemians, DTubers and Steemskaters!! Stretchy TURBO BOOSTS in 2010!
I bought one of the original Gopro cameras when they first appeared and my friends helped me test it out filming this wacky session!

I have been really slack with my skating recently and it sucks but when I refound this clip I REALLY wanted to share, as it got me so hyped to get out skating again.

It really is something special and captures some of the fun to be had when you are just dicking about with your friends =)

Skaters - D.A. and Yung Rosemary aka Harry Hughes

Filmed by Jake martinelli and Edited by meeeee

Thanks for watching!!
LOVE is all

Music -
Hyperfun - Kevin MacLeod

Hyperfun by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

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Oh man the fisheye of this Gopro is so weird! Gold footage though! Fun times.
You can also cross post this post to the steemskate community bro since this one is only posted in the dtube community. If you don't know how check out the pinned post at the Steemskate community page. It's quit easy ;)


Yes @steemskate! Nice one! I was just wondering how to do that!

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