My water fasting experience, 24 hours without food

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My water fasting experience, 24 hours without food
I’ve been flirting for a while now with the thought of doing 24-hour water fast.
My father fasts every other Tuesday, and his experience is that fasting is good for his body.
I finally found my courage and decided to fast myself, as well.
That means that after this dinner, I will not eat any food for 24 hours and will only drink water.

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I have a friend who will go on water for days. You are doing very well. I think I'll start a day fast myself. Cleanse a little intestine.


You have a brave friend @jozef230 :)
For a start, I think one day is enough :).
Enjoy your fasting if you decide to do it :)

I absolutely love your content guys...
I am recharging my VP at the moment but here is a DTC tip for this amazing video!


Thank you @d0ntst0pmen0w.
I am happy, that you liked the video :)

I do this super often. Not by choice. A lot of times I just forget to eat LOL not good. And that view of the mountains! beautiful.


Hi @sergiomendes,
Hahaha, you forget to eat? That is funny. I love to eat a bit too much, in order to forget it :)