We made a bed frame for our tiny house ( DIY project )

11개월 전

We made a bed frame for our tiny house ( DIY project )
For so long, we were slipping on a floor. And now, we finally made a bed frame for a bed in our tiny house.
We got wood from our neighbor. Matija then processed it and made it beautiful. And then we assembled the bed frame together.
It was a fun project and very necessary because the winter cold is coming, and it is not healthy to sleep on a cold floor.

#DIY #bedframe #tinyhouse

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Matija’s shop:

Heaven Knows by The Hunts

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Heyyyy do you have spontaneous time on Thursday around 5pm UTC? I would like to invite you to the next dtubers hangout :) it's again only about fun, giving dtubers a stage to talk about what they wanna talk about and all that. A phone, headphones and a kind of good WiFi connection are needed as well as 1 hour time :) would be cool to have you on the show with 8-9 others! Peace!! Please let me know if you can join!


Hi @tibfox, I would love to join your dtubers fun hangout :) on Thursday. Thank you for Inviting me. Which platform (app) are we meeting on?