I talk myself out of being afraid


I talk myself out of being afraid
We have a second wave of covid here in Slovenia.
And I am tired of it.
But I strongly believe that a bad mood and fear will not help me to survive all that madness.
So I talk myself out of fear.

#covid #2020 #overcomefear

Matijeva trgovina (Matija’s shop):


Just Jump by Ian Post

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Awesome video. The landscape reminds me of the Czech Republic once I was there in autumn.
Hope at least your weather in Slovenia is better than ours here in the UK through the lockdown :)


Hi @adetorrent,
Thank you, I am happy that you liked the video.
We are lucky to have sunny weather right now. It is very warm. A bit too warm for November, but I like it :)

Uaaah!!🔥🔥 Beautiful cinematic video🙏 Thank you for sharing. Beautiful autumn. Let us be free, let us not give up. Greetings from Poland✌


Hi Jzef230 :) and thank you for your greetings from Poland :) .
I am happy that you liked the video :). And thank you for your subscription :)
See you around :)
Greetings from Slovenia :)

And subscribed😉