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I have received a bunch of great comments on my yesterday's vlog where I have described one of my regular days and my working schedule... I've received a couple of kind words about my working discipline, but the general opinion was that I should take a break sometimes... lol... Yeah, I know that I'm annoying with my vlogs (lol), and you have told me that in a "nice way" :P Jokes on aside, thanks, everyone for your awesome comments, and I will try to create more free time for myself... I promise... :)

The problem...
Well, today I have seen a great post by @hirohurl, where David wrote about his goal of doing 30 full workouts in 2020... He is documenting his progress and making a plan of how to reach that goal... Of course, I have also made my own goals for 2020, but I have to admit that I didn't take that approach... The thing that I liked in David's plan was dividing that goal into smaller pieces, but not just that... He has scheduled those small pieces during the whole year...

Well, I have a problem with that part... :) My goals from the beginning of the year aren't doable in short term (as his also), but I tend to push as much possible to reach that goal AS SOON AS POSSIBLE... and not just that, I want to surpass them...

And that is the problem... If I have done similar to David's plan and split it into smaller parts and STICK to them, I would probably have more free time...

Temporary solution...
As it is impossible for me to just cut my daily routine, I will try to create a free day in a week by doing my content creation process BEFORE that day... Luckily for me, there is a scheduling post option on my favorite Hive platform, PeakD... Also, I will prepare a post in a simple text file and just publish it on LBRY in a certain time... That's just 5 minutes of work... and maybe cheating about a free day... But, it's a start... :)

I have mentioned The Hive Engagement League... So check it out!

Thank you for your valuable time,


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