Don't FOMO and Panic

2개월 전

For all Bitcoin lovers out there, today was the most important day of the last 4 years! It happened again... Bitcoin halving is behind us, block discovery rewards are halved...

If you have followed previous halving events, you probably know the atmosphere which is created around it... On the one side, we have "doomers" who are calling for the end of the Bitcoin, with standard predictions that it will go to zero and die... "If I got a coin for every time that I heard that"... :)

On the other side, we have "moon boys/girls" (I'm one of them... I admit...) who call some incredible prices for Bitcoin... 100K this year? Next year? 1 Million USD in 3 years?

It doesn't matter on which side are you, the most important thing in any trading and investing is to NOT be emotional! The atmosphere is always pumped around the halving and you can be easily sucked into it and do something stupid... :)

Usually, there are two options... You FOMO and but Bitcoin for some crazy high price... and second, you see that price is going down, and sell your BTC (that you FOMO in and buy high) "to not be in loss"...

If you are not an experienced trader, maybe you should avoid buying Bitcoin in the next 2-3 days... :)

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