Fear Creates Enemies

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I was doing some videos earlier about the "fear atmosphere" that is created by mainstream media from the beginning of this virus thing... Yes, it is CREATED by media, not by virus itself and it is important to acknowledge the difference... but, that will be topic in some of my future videos...

The important thing is the "general feeling" that people are going through... Yes, we are individuals, but in some weird way people very often react as a collective... and if the whole collective is living in fear, it is very hard to keep your mind sane and focused... On the contrary, it is very easily manipulated from the "outer factors" like in our case, the media...

I have read a couple of blog posts about this "general feeling", and how we will maybe learn something from this and come out as "better" persons... Well, I had a couple of doubts about it and you can check them in the video...

I just want to say one thing more... We didn't lose the war, maybe just a couple of battles, but we can take back control over our own lives, we just need to turn on our brains and USE IT. We in blockchain world know the importance of the USE CASE :)

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