Trezor Hardware Wallet - First Impressions

2개월 전

I had an interesting afternoon as my Amazon order has arrived. My first ever crypto hardware wallet! I have decided to "test the water" with the Trezor One, and I can't say that I've got wrong...

As I have Linux OS installed on my laptop, I had small problems with driver installation, but nothing serious... just a standard problem with permissions over folders... Also, for some reason, the Brave browser didn't trigger the installation process for some small plugin... I have run Firefox, installed the necessary software, and got back to Brave and everything went smooth...

Why did I buy the hardware wallet?
Well, I am aware that using Linux gives you a lot of confidence about the security and possible hacks, as it is not an easy job to do that... But, on the other side, I'm very often bringing my laptop "on the road"... Leaving the laptop in the hotel rooms isn't an intelligent move, but sometimes, you can't wear it everywhere... That is one of my reasons for using a hardware wallet...

Hardware wallets are still a relatively new thing, and we will see a lot of interesting solutions in the future, but we have to start somewhere... Trezor One is my first step, and I hope not the last... :)

Thank you for your valuable time,


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