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We definitely needed some Pixie in here :D


Aww! Thanks, girl! HIVE is not safe from the Pixie Dust ha ha ha. Hope you are doing well :)💚

Hi Pixie

Hive Alive

ooh, What about #2020 vision Strive for Five on Hive :)


Hi Russ! Oh, nice one! I like that.... but can I say it 5 times fast? haha You are definitely in the running :)

take a walk...

Hahahaha... A good joke... 🤣 (for us in the lockdown)

"Give me a Hive Five!"

and I like it when a bloopers part is almost longer than the "regular" one... 🤣


LOL! Well, I never claimed I am graceful.🤣 There were bloopers galore in this one lol. "Give me A Hive Five!" Nice. I like that one, too. You are in the running as well now ;)