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Hi @pixiepost - Thanks for the video. Very enjoyable and insightful.

Your comment about the "placebo effect" when talking about your crystal reminded me that I heard Dr. Joe Dispensa talking on a YouTube show about his book, "You Are The Placebo." I haven't read it, but apparently it's all about how important the placebo effect - and the power of belief - actually is in healing us.


Thank you so much for watching @hirohurl!

Yes, it's all about the intention we put in things or even our actions. One thing that might work for someone might not work for another (thus, some people feel it's a "placebo" of sorts). We all are unique in our intentions & we literally have the power to heal & help.

Thanks for a great video @pixiepost, and it was amazing to watch it on the premiere and chatting with you, and also a really good reading in Green that resonated a lot with me, thanks a lot for sharing, it's awesome.

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It was so much fun chatting with you & the gang. You all made my first Premiere more special. Yes the color and cards resonated for me as well. 😉 I am wondering what the next two weeks will have to say. Lol. Thanks so much for the upvote and feature. 😊🧚‍♀️🙏☕


Thanks @pixiepost, yeah it will sure be interesting, stay awesome.

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Thank you so much for your support! I appreciate you 💜🙏