International Mother Language Day is Sirajganjwasi fair.

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On the occasion of our International Mother Language Day in Sirajganj, a book fair of Sirajganj Government College has been organized here. Every day thousands of people come here to buy books. Through 100 dollars there will not be available in every state of Bangladesh where thousands of people are available every day. They came to visit as they like They buy their own

,26. Gardener Defense | Dishi Publications Ltd. - 1, Strong Defense System: Reassignment of the defense system of Bangladesh on a solid basis. There will be a huge amount of weapons and ammunition for a strong defense system. It is not safe for couples to rely solely on foreigners. Therefore, for the defense of the country, the transitory apparatus must be prepared within the country for defense. | 12, Increasing the national per capita income: It is essential to increase the national income and per capita income of Bangladesh. The national income and per capita income of Bangladesh are very low. Dollar per capita of the people of this country. Therefore, production will increase if more factories are established. Production will increase and income will increase. Therefore, increasing national income and per capita income only through industrialization = 1. Reducing dependence on foreign: At present, most industrial products are made to Bangladesh. As more and more industrial enterprises are established in the country, the import volume will be significantly reduced and the transaction situation will improve. So industrialize the country to make it dependable 1, More foreign exchange earnings: Currently our country exports a handful of raw materials. Does. However, it is possible to do more by exporting industrial products without relying solely on the export of raw materials. Therefore, rapid industrialization is essential to achieve stability of foreign trade and gain more foreign currency. ১৫. Improving the Balance of Transaction: Due to the growing trade deficit in Bangladesh's economy and the increase in exports for trade, our country needs to increase exports and import in order to eliminate the growing trade problem. 1, Limitations of agricultural development: The economy of Bangladesh is dependent on agriculture. However, the horizon is much broader than that of agriculture. Therefore, in order to accelerate the pace of economic development, rapid industrialization is only 1, international market: In the modern world, the international market of industrial goods is about 6 percent of the goods sold in the international market. In order to enter the market, industrial development is absolutely essential. 1, Development of transport and connectivity system: The first pilgrimage for economic development. Improve the yoga system. In order to improve the transport and security of the system, the production must be manufactured in the factory within the country. Without industrialization, development in transport and transportation will never be possible. ১৯. Export growth: If the industry is established within the country, the export of industrial products will increase and the quantity will increase. Therefore, industrial development is important for increasing exports. | 20, Imports Reduction: Bangladesh relies on foreign countries for various important products. Thus, rapid industrialization is a must if you are to make a dependency. Conclusion: In view of appropriate criticism, it is necessary to give greater importance to industrial status at a greater rate for the rapid economic growth of Bangladesh, increase of national income and, above all, the economic welfare of the people. Question 3 Explain the role of the private sector in industrialization. Or, the Private Sector's Role in the Economic Development of Bangladesh: The United States, Great Britain.

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