PornHub Adds XRP, BNB, Doge, and USDC as Payment Options for Premium Subscriptions ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ‘โ‚ฟ


Why Visa & Mastercard Cutting Off PornHub Could Be Good For Crypto Adoption

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All these payment processors are really going to screw themselves and promote crypto essentially.


Yeah I agree, in the short term their gatekeeping is going to work and is going to make them more powerful and hurt businesses but in the longterm if someone wants something bad enough they'll figure out how to pay for it, and through doing that people will get exposed to crypto and get comfortable using it, and then when these companies continue to crack down people will be like hey you know what would solve this problem, that crypto stuff I had to use to buy a bong or to watch some porn, and now we have adoption.


Yep! , it's all about those exposures and then when they see DOGE go 1000% in a day they start realizing they can get rich if they time it right.