Steem, Steemit, and Tron~A Ramble

2년 전

Today I had finally reached a breaking point in my quiet silents of how I feel about the events that are taking place on the Steem Blockchain.

I went to Twitter and made a live video talking about how I feel. I was proud of myself for keeping the video 'short' and to the point.

I then spent 2 hours editing the video and taking out all the unnecessary pauses and words. 😹

I wanted to share it on Steem for those that do not look on Twitter and even for those that do. The version here is much shorter and to the point, as I can get.

This is my, and only my, take on the situation happening on my home blockchain Steem.

Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Loved it! You inspired me to use my #altyes browser extension to share my stream from periscope last night because yours is another one of those very important "perspectives".. They are every where and its so hard. Thats what Decentralized does. Keeps it hard. So no one can just take it. I tagged you in the post and hyperlinked your video in the text. So i have back bone, i wasn't Trying to be rude at all you know cause you were there when I was trying to talk to Ned. It's about perspectives and if he can't answer these hard questions I can't even begin to understand his perspective. Extending his hand out like a lad in do you trust me and yes I want to I do but you still haven't given me any reason and I'm not trying to carry the past forward you're not showing me any credibility right now and just answering some very fundamentally important but easy questions. What he doesn't understand my questions aren't for face value. They are to see your value. And if you're gonna run when things get thick, then you're no different than the last 2 years. So you're right why is he waiting till the end to now build community. It's so easy to get stuck in every single persons' perspective I and I understand it. That's why I support any decisions my witnesses make because I could not handle being and doing what they are a having to do right now. Great video snook.


Thank YOU!!

You liking this video means the world to me!!!!

This is great! I agree with everything you said, especially about @ned.


Thank You!!!
It's good to know I am not the only one that feels this way!


Thank You!!! It's good to
Know I am not the only
One that feels this way!

                 - snook

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Love your "perspective" @snook. Thanks for sharing of your thoughts

Nicely done! :D Is Ned punished? Ahahaha!

Ya IDK wtf @ned is doing. Not sure if it's a calculated sitraction or save face ploy or what, doesn't make sense. He doesn't need to be in the picture anymore far as I'm concerned. And yes, contract, end of story. I nominate myself to negotiate a contract between the two parties.

Ned needs to go into his corner! Loved it!
It does seem that both sides are making this difficult!

As another regular user/blogger, I totally understand how you feel.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


you are very welcome. Thank you for taking the time to listen!