What is UP With The Covid VACCINES ? || Safe ? Controversial ? || Let's Talk !

8개월 전

Hello Everyone,

I am back here with another video for you all and in this video I've talked about the vaccines that everyone is waiting for as the pandemic we are in is definitely a very big thing and other people are just facing the trouble is because of it and the thing that people are feeling to be the severe in this situation is definitely the vaccines.

There have been already tons of vaccines into the market which are under the trial faces but all of them were surrounded with mixed opinions as they have also shown some positive effects as were intended as well as they have also shown some effects that was not welcomed.

What are your opinions on this entire scenario about the vaccines which the entire world is talking about today?

Drop below Your THOUGHTS :)

I'll be back with another video soon.

Thanks for watching

~ Sayu

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We hope for the vaccine to be efficacy