Putting Ball in Basket & Investing in Crypto Coin.

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Hello Everyone,

We all know crypto markets are quite volatile. Infact it has the power to make rich overnight and also at same it has the ability to make you scratch your head.

I remember during my childhood, while visiting any local fair in my area, I always remember playing *"putting ball in the basket" and everytime I end up losing. But one day, I accompanied my elder brother went to the fair and this time my brother guided me with a secret. He just whisper to take a deep breath before throwing . Obviously he wanted me to concentrate and focus on the basket. And luckily I end up winning this time.
Crypto market is similar somewhat. The only thing you need to keep taking breath Tim to time. Here is a great learning from my sort experince and hope you will find it worth applying.


Namaste @steemflow

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