Collaboration skateboard video with music by Isaria


Collaboration,Collaboration,Collaboration !!

This really is one of the real reasons I like to produce content . That is to collaborate with others and make weird and cool artefacts.

For this video I had the esteemed honour to collaborate with a long time friend from Steemit , @Isaria. I had seen she had put up this cool backwards track complete with eerie video and knew I wanted to set some skateboard footage to it. I kept the footage for a few months and then on Tuesday I went for a mellow skate at the local and finally found some footage to match Isaria's song and footage. If you like the song please check out Isaria on spotify on the following link

or on instagram

or steemit

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It's nice to see how people complement each other in dissimilar jobs. Music and skating in a video to share! Excellent tuning It has been a great pleasure to see and hear. Regards @stickchumpion

F*cking awesome work @stickchumpion and @Isariacat! That was beautiful. Both song and the edit! Just wanted to let you know that from now on we will only be upvoting posts shared withing the steemskate community.
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In case you're wondering, Steempeak is a front-end from which you can access your Steem acount, just link Steemit.
And here are a couple of useful links if you are feeling confused about the whole community thing! Hehehe


I am subscribed hahaha dont hate


Then you're just 3 clicks away from cross posting your steemskate post to the community 😎
Now it's only displayed at the #steemskate tag 😉😉😉

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Hi stickchumpion,

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