$AXS Of Axie Infinity Is Pumping; This Gamefi Coin Can Surpass It In Marketcap. Next 100x NFT Coin!

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$AXS Of Axie Infinity Is Pumping; This Gamefi Coin Can Surpass It In Marketcap. Next 100x Gamefi & NFT Coin!

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Medabots is a renown ip in the gaming industry with more than 20 years of history. The ip is now owned by the owner of the Medacoin bsc cryptocurrency who has been in works to resuscitate the Medabots game with modern 3D graphics and nft functionality, rendering a play to earn game that is free to play.

They have accomplished a lot since Medacoin launched without marketing reaching a high of 90 million marketcap. They have appealed to several celebrities already and bitboy by offering to create an in game medabot for these contacts. Bitboy will have an nft show later today dedicated for Medabots and Medacoin.

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