Top 10 BIGGEST Travel Mistakes 😭Tips for International Travel ✈️


Subscribe to While I’m grateful that I traveled the world before #COVID19 I’m sure there are many people who are stuck at home with wanderlust, so I made this video to give my best #traveltips for international travel, I also discuss what to do when traveling, the dont’s, as well as some suggestions. Here are my #biggesttravelmistakes, to find out more about each mistake, watch the video above.

How to find the best flights - For a long time I had no idea how to actually look for the best flights, by ‘best’ I not only mean cheapest, but cheapest while still being convenient. There’s an entire blog post written on how to find the cheapest flights here, this post includes a promotional discount code:

Sleeping at airports - This one is pretty obvious, don’t sleep at airports!

Passport issues - Make sure your passport is up to date and that you have all the nesseccary travel documents (visa etc) to be allowed into the place you want to visit.

Drinking tap water - Here’s a list of places where you can’t drink the tap water:

Timestamps for reference:

0:33 Travel as an excuse
1:39 Not planning enough
2:44 Daily Vlogs
4:25 How to find the best flights
4:47 Sacrificing comfort for money
5:56 Not going to my favourite travel destination first
7:12 Sleeping at airports
8:03 Passport Issues
8:38 Eating the wrong food
9:54 Drinking Tap Water

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